A legacy of winning. A reputation of success.

From the very beginning in 2011, The University of Alabama Mock Trial Association has been on the rise.

Win after win, tournament after tournament, our progam has gotten better and better. Now, Alabama is ranked in the top 10 perecent of teams in the nation.

The University of Alabama’s Mock Trial Team is hosted by the Honors College and the Department of Political Science, and it is a part of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). Students of any major are welcomed to try out in the fall of each year.

Competing in mock trial develops valuable skills such as improved public speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving. Not only is it a great way to prepare for law school, it allows students to meet all kinds of new people from the University of Alabama as well as people from other AMTA affiliated universities.

We currently have four competition teams. These teams attend a series of invitations as well as a regional competition in the spring. The teams’ performances at this regional competition determines whether they will advance to Opening Round Championships and, hopefully, Nationals.

The case we argue each year alternates between a criminal case and a civil case. Each team must prepare for both the prosecution/plaintiff and defense side of the case and come up with their own case theories, themes, and witness calls. One of the best parts of participating in Mock Trial is all the creative leeway allowed when forming the various strategies necessary to effectively argue a case.

If you are interested in learning more about UA Mock Trial or have any questions, visit our “Join” tab and fill out the Google Document.

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