2022 Opening Round Championship Series

2022 Regionals

6th Annual Crimson Classic

University of Alabama | January 16-17

Team Awards

Individual Awards

3rd Annual Soda City Trials

University of South Carolina | November 20-21

Individual Awards

Jason Park – Attorney

Team Raphael

14th Annual Illini Invite

University of Illinois | November 13-14

Team Awards

Team Donatello – Honorable Mention (4th Place)

Individual Awards

Darius Thomas – Attorney

Danny Braun – Attorney

Team Donatello
Team Leonardo

7th Annual Grand Ole Tournament

Vanderbilt University | November 13-14

Individual Awards

Paul Doherty – Attorney

Team Michelangelo

5th Annual Colonial Classic

College of William & Mary | October 23-24

Team Awards

5th Place

Individual Awards

Ana Albrecht – Witness

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